Sleep and Settle Program

11th Mar 2015

I just wanted to touch base to thank you for sending us Lorraine.

After 6 months of Lewis waking every two hours I was completely and utterly burnt out and starting to feel pretty overwhelmed.

I was extremely nervous about sleep training but Lorraine made us feel incredibly safe. She guided us through the process with honesty, compassion and professionalism. She also gave us loads of parenting advice and helped us to see that we were still parenting Lewis as if he were a newborn and that it was time to make some adjustments.

The last two nights I have put Lewis to bed without him crying at all and he has slept through till 5:30 and 6:00am when he wakes for a feed. We can not believe it. We can already see a huge difference in Lewis’ behaviour during the day. He’s reaping the benefits of sleep already…we all are.


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