Self Settling Program

7th Mar 2017

Hi Jenny and Mel,
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending me an angel in the form of Kerryanne to help settle my then 16 month old.
My son had never slept well at night and I often had to resort to driving him around at night to sleep or rocking him in the pram.
Even then he’d wake 3-4 times a night and want milk or his dummy.
My husband and I were exhausted and it was threatening our relationship.
It took just two nights for Kerryanne to work her magic.
My son has been sleeping through from 7pm to at least 6am (if not longer) for the past 7 weeks & if he wakes he’ll put himself back to sleep!
No more dummy, no more bottles of milk or water through the night and no more white noise.
I’m not going to say its all been plain sailing – there have been a few nights and even days where he has fought his sleeps and I’ve tried to follow the procedures that Kerryanne taught me.
Kerryanne was an angel sent from heaven and we just wish we had done this sooner. Not only was she so wonderful on these two nights but she’s been happy to give me follow up advice whenever I’ve been desperate.
Thanks you so much to Kerryanne and I would happily recommend her services to anyone who is having trouble with their baby sleeping.
Thank you again

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