Need a Nanny?

Children Playing

Your children are very precious, so it is important that you feel comfortable in leaving them with a nanny/babysitter. Our screening is very thorough.

All our nannies have a minimum of 2 years experience. Many have a certificate or diploma in childcare and a first-aid certificate. Others have many years of Nanning experience behind them.

When our nannies and babysitters register with us they are interviewed and have to provide written references as well as verbal references. We also do the “working with children” check through the Department of Community Services.

All our nannies are required to do light household duties, for example, empty and stack the dishwasher, wash and fold the clothes and cook a meal. They do not do the heavy cleaning, such as cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming.

Mothers Help

Casual, Permanent full time or part time (live-in or live out)

Mothers help nannies assist stay at home parents with the day to day activities of caring for their child or children.  If your partner is sick or away on business, we have nannies that can move in to help assist you with your children.  The nanny’s role entails childcare and light household duties e.g. emptying the dishwasher, putting out or bringing in a load of washing, it does not normally involve heavy cleaning such as bathrooms or vacuuming.

Nannies – Sole Charge

Permanent full time or part time (live-in or live-out)

A sole charge nanny has the responsibility of attending to all the needs of the child or children of working parents.  Planning with the parent a routine to follow, the nanny organizes the daily activities to meet the child’s social, physical and psychological requirements. A sole charge nanny’s duties include the activities such as taking children to and from swimming lessons, playgroup, library, craft activities, preparing nutritious meals, bedtime routines, as well as light household duties.

Casual/Temporary Nannies

These nannies can be provided to a family at short notice to replace nannies that are on sick leave or holidays.  Also available for parents doing short term contract work, or just to give you a break.

Sole Charge Holiday Relief Nannies

24 hours or longer

These nannies care for your child or children during your absence, whether for business or leisure.  Duties include meeting all of your children’s needs as well as maintenance of the household and pets.

If you would like more information please either ring our office on (02) 9663 4570 or email via this Link