25th Sep 2017

Hi Mel and Jenni,

I just want to thank you tremendously for first of all your amazing and kind service. You were so fast in organising Lorraine to come out and help us when I was absolutely desperate for help with our 10 week old reflux baby that wouldn’t sleep in her bassinet earlier than midnight and most of the day I would be walking around with her in the carrier, which let me add isn’t easy with a 14 month old getting jealous.

Lorraine was like a God sent angel!!! In only 3 days she got her on a regular routine, with all naps in her bassinet ( no more carrier!!! ) she was down for the night at 7 pm with only one dream feed at 10 pm and not a sound until 6 am!!!!!!

You are an amazing agency and Lorraine must be the most amazing mother craft nurse and person out there!!!

Don’t know how to thank you enough!!!

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